Guidelines for Submissions

AERA J Blog Submission Guidelines:
Posts should address topics of interest to researchers of higher education, practitioners, and institutions, including important policy issues, challenges facing researchers in our field, or new and unconventional research methods. The objective is to provide an accessible forum where educational researchers can learn about these topics through the perspectives of their peers in the field. Our intentions are to provide readers with insights about interesting or important topics from experienced educational researchers, but also individuals who are new to the field or AERA; we aim to inform, but also to inspire thought and discussion about the practice and substance of postsecondary education research. The primary audience for the blog is the membership of AERA’s Postsecondary Education division (Division J), although posts will be able to be accessed by others outside the organization, as well.

The following questions might help to guide authors in developing their submission:
What is the main issue at hand? Remember, space is limited.  So, if the topic is a complex and expansive one, is there a particular aspect that can be highlighted that will be interesting for other educational researchers to read about and consider?
What makes the topic an interesting or important one for both researchers to understand, consider, or address in their research and publications?
What are the implications for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, or others?
Where can readers find additional information about the topic so they may continue to develop their understanding and, potentially, to become involved in supporting research in that area?
What lessons have you learned from researching this topic that have been useful in your work as an educational researcher or in developing your perspectives on other matters that are important to practitioners in our field?

Length and Formatting Guidelines:
Submissions can be as short as 500 words, but no longer than 2,500 words.
Since this is a blog and not a journal, submissions should not follow the more formal format and structure of a journal article. Authors are encouraged to take a less formal tone in their presentation, but are encouraged to use citations (preferably in APA format) and include links to other materials when that is helpful for giving appropriate credit for others’ ideas, supporting their own positions, and so that readers can easily find additional information.

Submitting Posts:
Anyone is invited to submit material for consideration and submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  We hope to receive material from graduate students, faculty members, and practitioners, as well as collaborations among these.
Submissions should be addressed to Gracie Trotman at Please include “AERA J BLOG SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

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